Too Much Spending Or Not Enough Tax Revenue?

Everyone in Washington is talking about the size of our budget deficit, and how it needs to be reduced.  The numbers from this Washington Post article are outdated after the recent tax cut, but they serve to illustrate the point.  Our government is going to spend $1.27 trillion dollars more than it will bring in in tax revenue.  Those on the political left would have us believe that this is because taxes on the rich are too low.  Those in the Tea Party movement would have us believe this is because spending is too high.

I happen to agree with the Tea Party.  The politicians in Washington, DC are going to spend every dollar they can.  If Congress were to increase taxes, then they’d still figure out how to spend all of that tax increase and still spend more.

Political Opportunism Of The Worst Kind

Trying to exploit the actions of a lunatic in Arizona to support your unrelated political agenda is the worst kind of political opportunism.  There are people who are insane.  We as a society need to deal with this fact.  We also need to understand that some insane people are a threat to themselves and others.  As a society, we have both a right and a responsibility to see that that those people who are insane and a threat to others get treatment.

Providing better treatment and handling of the dangerously insane is the only step we can (or should) take to prevent another tragedy like the one in Arizona.  As long as their are dangerously mentally ill people roaming the streets, they are going to figure out how to harm others.

The vast majority of mentally ill people do not present a threat to anyone.  There is a small subset of mentally ill people who present a threat to themselves and only themselves.  There is an even smaller number of people who present a threat to themselves and others.  It is very unpleasant to face these facts, but we have to face them one way or another.

If we refuse to deal with the fact that there are insane people out there like Jared Loughner who present a threat to others, then we are going to have more Tuscons.

He’s Crazy

There has been much discussion of why Jared Lee Loughner shot over a dozen people, killing six of them.  The answer is quite simple.  He did these things because he is insane.  Sarah Palin didn’t make him do it.  Rush Limbaugh and Glenn Beck are not responsibile.  There is only one reason for what he did.  He is insane.  If anyone is to blame other than the insane Loughner, it is the Pima County Sheriff or the Pima County Attorney for failure to take the appropriate legal acction to force Loughner to receive treatment.


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