Democratic Leadership Can’t Have It Both Ways

I thought there was enough waste and fraud in Medicare and Medicaid that its elimination could not only save Medicare and but pay for much of the cost of Obamacare?  Now our country’s Democratic leadership is trying to say that all the other government agencies don’t have any waste or fraud to eliminate?

One of Washington’s biggest lies about federal spending will be endlessly repeated in coming weeks by President Obama, congressional Democrats, special interest advocates and the liberal mainstream media. The myth is that the federal budget really cannot be cut except on the margins because government programs are managed efficiently, with minimal waste, fraud and abuse, and they deliver essential services that cannot be provided any other way. Two reports focusing on federal job training programs — one from the Government Accountability Office and the other from Sen. Tom Coburn, R-Okla. — that were made public Wednesday put the lie to such claims.

So last year there was a lot of waste and fraud in Medicare and Medicaid.  This year there is no waste and fraud in any other government department?  I don’t think so.  The quote above is from a Washington Examiner Editorial linked by Instapundit.

I Own A Droid (It Doesn’t Own Me)

Instapundit links to this article about the work/life balance in the age of cell phones and other smart devices.  I own a smart phone.  It does not own me.  If I’m eating dinner with someone else and you call me, you’re likely to get voicemail unless I really want to talk to you.  If I’m at a movie theater, I’ll have to call you back.  If you don’t like that, I’m sorry, but that’s the way it is.  If I’m driving, you’ll be leaving me a message.

Yes, I almost always have my cell phone with me.  Just because I have it doesn’t mean I answer it.  If you want someone to answer when you call regardless of the circumstances, please feel free to cal someone else.

I Thought This Was A Free Country

Apparently the Tucson Tea Party is trying to hold a meeting this month, and the Sheriff and Prosecuting Attorney are trying to intimidate the speakers they have arranged.  I thought there was a First Amendment guaranteeing rights including freedom of speech, and the right to peaceably assemble?  That must have been some other country’s constitution.

Could it be the Sheriff and Prosecuting Attorney are afraid that somebody might say it was their job to stop Jared Loughner from killing six people and injuring thirteen others?  Why don’t we all ask that question the next time they’re up for election?

Check out the story here and thanks to Instapundit for pointing the way.

The Stimulus – Why?

I live outside of Indianapolis, Indiana.  I have a group of friends who grew up with me in Indianapolis.  Eventually we all moved from our parents homes to places outside the I-465 Loop but still in Marion County.  Eventually we all moved outside of Marion County.
The biggest use of stimulus funds for Marion County infrastructure seems to be working on the I-465 loop.  Which my friends and I all use regularly to drive around Indianapolis to meet each other without ever stopping in Indianapolis.  I still have friends and family in Indianapolis, but sadly most who could afford to leave already have.

My wife and I are going out for Valentines Day in Indianapolis.  There are lots of nice places in the suburbs that I like to eat, but there are a few very special places I like to eat in Downtown Indianapolis.

So I think all those stimulus funds are really wasted, because expanding I-465 will just make it easier to drive around Indianapolis without ever stopping in Indianapolis proper.

The Wonders of the Free Market

I am writing this post on my cell phone, which contains a more powerful computer than the PC I owned ten years ago.  Because of competition in the electronics marketplace, electonic devices are getting better all the time.  Without this competition, cell phones would probably still be the size and weight of a heavy brick, if they existed at all.

My cell phone is a Motorola Droid with cellular service from Verizon.  Why don’t I have an iPhone?  Because I have a friend who has AT&T service and is always complaining about dropped calls and other issues.  Also, I like having a phone with a user replaceable battery and an upgradable memory.

Is my particular choice right for everyone?  No, but thanks to the free market we all have that choice.