I’ve Been Busy Doing Taxes

I’ve been busy working on our income taxes. I still have more to do because we’re going to itemize this year. Let me be clear, my wife and I both work, and we are very fortunate. We have an income exceeding the median for our small town. Our annual income has 5 digits to the left of the decimal point. We are certainly comfortable, but I don’t think we are rich. However, it is more financially rewarding for me to go through and figure out how much we have in tax deductions than it is for me to spend that time working for my employer. Am I the only one who thinks something is wrong here?

I Have One Question After Reading The Threat At Ann Althouse’s Blog

Ann Althouse has received a threat. I have one question to ask of the author of the threat.

After you assault all the Tea Partiers and Republicans, who is going to pay the taxes that make your government job or life as a permanent student possible?

Thanks to InstaPundit for linking to the threat.

Update: Investor’s Business Daily reports on the threat to Ann Althouse.

Update 2: The poster of the threat is unemployed. Why am I not surprised?

A Tax Increase Which Costs The Government Money

Here we have the story of a tax increase which will not only not bring in any new revenue, but will cost the government in question a lot of money.  The state of Illinois has decided in its infinitesimal wisdom that paying commissions to  someone in Illinois who links to your sites constitutes a business presence in Illinois. So if Amazon has affiliates in Illinois it has to pay Illinois sales tax on every order shipped to Illinois.  Amazon has already implemented the predictable solution to the sales tax problem.  They no longer have any affiliates in Illinois.

So Illinois won’t be getting any sales tax revenue from Amazon.  Plus they just lost any income taxes on Amazon affiliate commissions.  So they went to all that trouble to pass a tax that will cost them money.  If companies that depend on affiliate revenues move out of Illinois, they will lose even more money.

How Important Are Public School Teachers?

The real question nobody in the media seems to be asking is, how important are public school teachers?  The real problem is that public school teachers in Wisconsin think they are much more important than Wisconsin Republicans think they are.  The voters in liberal Wisconsin did something very unusual for such a liberal state.  They elected a Republican governor and Republican majorities in both houses.

Wisconsin has a budget problem.  Public employee pensions and health care benefits cost a lot of money.  The government has two undesirable choices.  Do they cut public employee benefits or raise taxes?  In the last election, the cut benefits party (Republicans) won more votes the raise taxes party (Democrats).  The question is, who will win the next election?