A Hypothetical Question

Let’s say there is a huge deposit of oil in the Gulf of Mexico.  Let’s further say it’s split evenly between US and Mexican water.   When that deposit is tapped, do you want it tapped from the US or Mexican water?

I want it tapped from the US side because:

  1. It will create more jobs in the United States.
  2. It will create more United States tax revenue.
  3. It will have to conform to stricter United States drilling and environmental regulation.
  4. If it turns into another BP Horizon fiasco, they responsible parties can be sued in US Courts.

Who Pays Property Tax On A Rental Property?

Where I live, there is a property tax reduction for owner-occupied homes.  Essentially this means if you own two identical homes, and live in one and rent out the other, you’ll pay higher taxes on the one you rent out.  Who really pays the property tax bill on the rental property?  Yes, literally the landlord pays.  But if the property tax goes up by $100 per month, does anyone believe the landlord won’t try to increase the rent to pay for it?