What Kind Of Idiot?

What do you call someone who graduated from one of our nation’s finest law schools, and still doesn’t know the following?

1. The difference between liability coverage and full coverage auto insurance?

2. That carrying full coverage on a beat up old car isn’t worth the money.

3. The difference between health insurance and disability insurance?

Bypass The Child In Chief!!!

It is time for Congress to sit down and come up with a debt limit deal that will get the support of 67 Senators and 290 Representatives. There is no other alternative. The Child in Chief is not bluffing about forcing a default if he doesn’t get his way. Leaders of the House and Senate have come up with at least one deal, that has been shot down by the threat of a Presidential Veto. We have come to the time where there is only one sane course of action left. Come up with a compromise that will draw the support of 67 Senators and 290 Representatives. That way when it winds up on the President’s desk and he threatens to Veto it, the Congressional leadership can say, “Go ahead and Veto it, Mr. President, we’ll just override it.” The President seems to think he is the only adult in Washington. He’s not, he’s the guy in Washington that makes the District’s oldest teenagers, otherwise known as Congress, look mature.