Via Instapundit and Powerline comes an article in The Hill quoting Harry Reid.

“It’s very clear that private-sector jobs have been doing just fine; it’s the public-sector jobs where we’ve lost huge numbers, and that’s what this legislation is all about,” Reid said on the Senate floor.

Pardon me, but does the Senate Majority leader get out of Washington, DC much? The current unemployment rate is 9.1%, and most of these people are out of work private sector workers looking for new jobs. This doesn’t count the large number of Americans who are working part time and would rather work full time, or the large number of Americans who have given up looking for work. The economy may be creating a few more private sector jobs than are lost every day, but private sector unemployment is still a huge problem. The only lasting solution to private sector unemployment is private sector job creation.

How bad is the private sector problem with unemployment and a lack of job creation? It’s so big that it’s causing tax revenues to cities and states to be depressed. Which is causing the only problem Reid can see, which is the loss of public sector jobs. If the private sector job creation problem were solved, it would provide a huge infusion of tax revenues to state and local governments, and would fix the problem Reid is complaining about.

The Truth About Wall Street

I can think of no film that better captures the truth about corporate America and finance than Other People’s Money. Danny DeVito play’s the “bad guy” who forces an under-performing company to reinvent itself to fend off being bought and sold in pieces. In the end of the movie, the company employs more people and is more profitable, and is worth more as a company than its component parts. This transformation would never have happened without Danny DeVito’s attempted takeover. Danny DeVito’s role is just as important as the part of vultures and ravens in our natural ecosystem.

Remembering Steve

Today, I choose to remember the man who brought us the Lisa and the Newton. Why would I choose to celebrate to remember the man who brought us two of the biggest flops in technology history? Because after his pathetic failures, he got back on his feet, and brought us the Macintosh and the iPad and iPhone. Without the failures that were the Lisa and the Newton, we’d still be running MS-DOS and using dumb phones.

Steve Jobs made computers smaller and more accessible. In a world where politicians talk about empowering people, Steve Jobs didn’t talk about it. He did it. The world will be a worse place without him.

What Are They Protesting

So I see there are some people protesting Wall Street.

I’m not quite sure what they are protesting. Are they protesting the fact that there are lots of big companies that aren’t run like Koch Industries? Are they protesting that workers at those companies that aren’t as insular as Koch Industries can buy and sell pieces of the companies they work for? Are they protesting that most middle class people have pension funds, IRAs or 401(K) plans?

It’s Time For The Rich To Do Something…

It is time for those successful Americans who can do so to make more money to get off their butts and go make more money. Because there is only one way for them to get richer, and that is to provide something the market wants. By doing this simple thing, several things will happen. The first is they’ll find they need to hire people to help them. Making more money means more taxable income, which inevitable means more tax revenue.

Of course the rich aren’t going to get off their butts and make more money until certain politicians stop demonizing them.