A Christmas Wish

As a classical liberal, I believe that helping others is far too important to leave it to our government. All too often I forget to say this. So this Christmas, I’m asking you to go here and make a donation to support Riley Hospital for Children.

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At Least It Stops Them From Lecturing Us On The Importance Of A Low Fat Diet

Instapundit has a link to an old post of his from 10 years ago, that public health experts are worried about too many in the public health field are European males, and the cycle of violence. At least when they dwell on meaningless bullshit, they aren’t doing harm by talking about the importantance of a low fat diet.

As Walter Willett (European male Chair of the Department of Nutrition at the Harvard School of Public Health) says:

One of the problems with a low-fat diet is that it actually drives down the good cholesterol — the HDL — in our blood (and that) … will probably increase the risk of heart disease,

It was a mistake, and this study really confirms that it was the wrong direction to go for nutritional advice. It did do harm. It was a lost opportunity. People were given the idea that it was only fat calories that counted. This should be the nail in the coffin for low-fat diets.

I may well eat too much saturated fat, but I think my health would be helped more by either a thirty minute daily walk, or by cutting back on white flour and sugar in my diet.