Chicago Isn’t Even A Nice Place To Visit

I used to say that Chicago is a nice place to visit, but I wouldn’t want to live there. By way of Instapundit, it appears that Chicago is no longer a nice place to visit. It appears a group of thugs went to a restaurant and assaulted a group of out of state diners.

Update: Another article reports that the assaulted diners were white supremacists. I think white supremacists are jerks, but they have a First Amendment right to open their mouths and demonstrate their stupidity. As many have said before me the solution to obnoxious speech is speech rebutting it, not violence. My guess is these protesters thugs are too stupid to craft a complete sentence criticizing white supremacy.

They Told Me If I Voted For John McCain…

They told me if I voted for John McCain, we’d see a blatant violations of the civil rights of a man who may well be as black as Homer Plessy. George Zimmerman’s Peruvian great-grandfather was of African descent. If his great-grandfather was entirely of African descent, that would mean Zimmerman is one eighth black, the same as Homer Plessy, the plaintiff in Plessy vs. Ferguson. NBC edited audio to make it sound like Zimmerman volunteered that Trayvon was black. Spike Lee tweeted what he thought was Zimmerman’s home address. Noted attorney Alan Dershowitz has said on more than one occasion that the evidence the prosecution claim does not support a charge of second degree murder. He has in my opinion used very strong legal language to criticize the prosecutor’s decision.

George Zimmerman may well have committed a crime, but if Dershowitz is right, it is a crime less serious than second degree murder. Everyone should care that George Zimmerman not get railroaded by the “justice” system. Because if it can be done in a highly publicized trial like this one, it can happen to anyone else be they black, white or hispanic.

The opening title for this post was inspired by several posts by Instapundit.

I Voted

In the most important race this year, I cast my vote for Mourdock. In the race that’s already decided, I cast my vote for Gingrich. I know Romney will be the nominee, and I will vote for him come November. However, I still think that Gingrich ideas most closely match mine, and the only way I can communicate that to the Republican party leadership is to vote for him.