There Isn’t Necessarily One Right Answer

In my previous post on diet, I left out the specific reason I wrote the post. In that post I intended to mention that Charlie Martin at PJ Media is doing a more drastic diet than I am. He’s going very low carb, and it’s working for him. I congratulate him on his results so far. Also, I see Nathan is back on Weight Watchers and losing weight. Charlie, Nathan and I are all doing three different diets. We all are getting good results so far.

If you have a weight problem, I encourage you to do something about it. The three of us are doing different diets, but we all looked in the mirror and decided we need to change. The government isn’t making us, and Charlie and I are both disregarding the government’s advice on diet to some degree. The government can’t make me diet, and if they could, they’d probably make me go on the wrong diet.

It’s your life. If you have a weight problem, I encourage you to do something about it. I think exercising more and eating healthier are two things worth thinking about if you want to lose weight. If you do the South Beach Diet like I’m doing, and get results, then that’s great. If you accomplish your health goals by a completely different path, then that’s great too.

A Few Words On Diet And Health

Just over 3 years ago I looked at the scale and realized I weighed almost 250 pounds. I finally decided it was time to do something about my health. I’m just over six feet tall, so I felt I was heavier than I should be. I wasn’t having weight related health problems, but I was slowly gaining weight. I estimated that I had gained 80 pounds over the previous 10 years.

I started on the South Beach Diet and eventually lost 31 pounds. Since then, I have gained 12 pounds. I’m starting over on the South Beach Diet, and I am going to start regular exercise. For me it’s not about losing weight so much as it is about making decisions to be a little healthier. I now weigh about 225 pounds, but if I hadn’t made some changes three years ago, I’d probably weigh about 275 pounds now, and eventually I’d probably start developing weight related health problems.

I realize the sooner I decide to eat sensibly and exercise regularly, I’m starting on a trip to a healthier, happier me. I’m not going to go to they gym, that’s just not my style. I’m going to start walking more, riding my bike more and generally taking better care of my body. The healthiest I’ve ever been was the summer I took drivers ed, because I had to ride my bicycle three miles each way. I have decided the time has come to regularly exercise. Not anything crazy, just walking or bicycling.

I’m choosing the South Beach Diet, for two reasons. First, I tried it, and it works for me. Two, of all the diets out there, it makes the most sense to me. While the diet experts are debating whether low carb or low saturated fat people are right, I’m plodding along down the middle of the road. If South Beach stops working for me, then I’ll try something else.