Capitalism and Free Markets Always Work

I like capitalism and free markets. Capitalism and free markets always work better that socialism. I don’t approve of prostitution or the sale and use of illegal drugs, but the government is going to fail to control them every time. Prostitutes and drug dealers make money every time they don’t get caught. Police don’t make more money every time they catch a crook. Also in the areas where prostitution and drug dealing thrive, the police are too busy dealing with violent crime.

No Child Gets Ahead

In the past few years I have met two boys who are growing into young men. I’ll call them Billy and Bobby. Other than the fact that both are white male Americans, they have very little in common. Billy’s mother and father never married and never got any post high school education or training.  Bobby’s parents both finished four year college degrees and got married before his was conceived. The bleeding heart liberals would tell us that it’s not fair that Bobby’s future is so much brighter than Billy’s. They are determined to fix this problem. This is the real purpose behind No Child Left Behind, or as it should more accurately be called No Child Gets Ahead.

I am not happy with the fact that Billy’s future is so much bleaker than Bobby’s. The good news is that since we met, Billy now has a stepdad who is a positive male role model. He has also moved from a failing inner city public school to a mediocre small town school district. Despite these things, Billy still faces a bleak future. I’ve tried to think of ideas to help Billy but I haven’t come up with any.

Bobby’s situation isn’t perfect either, because his parents have faced financial setbacks. which have been made worse by poor financial decisions. Bobby is more than two years younger than Billy, but he’s more mature and has achieved academic progress that Billy never will.

I don’t like this state of affairs. However I can’t fix the problem. However I’m not going to withhold help from Bobby because it will increase the gap between him and Billy. I’m going to do what I can to help both of them.

The purpose of Common Core is to fix this problem and I do not approve. I believe the purpose of Common Core is to prevent people like Billy’s parents from helping with his math homework, thereby having the effect of reducing the academic gap between the two. It sucks that Billy may be an orderly for his whole life, but if that is the case, we gain nothing by holding back Bobby’s academic progress.

Update: Everyone who is complaining about ‘white privilege’ is complaining about those things that Bobby has, but Billy doesn’t. Calling it white privilege clearly misses the point. Billy and Bobby are both white. It isn’t white privilege, it’s middle class privilege.

My Resolutions For 2016

I have decided to make some resolutions for 2016. I am going to personally set specific goals, but that list will remain private. First, my goal is to be healthier than I was in 2015. This means eating less stuff that I know isn’t good for me, a little more that is good for me, and exercising more. Second, I choose to give more of my time and money in 2016 than I did in 2015. Finally I want to make a little more money in 2016 and invest a higher percentage of it than I did in 2015.

But of course this is just my white, male privilege showing.