The Electronic Book Revolution Is A Good Thing

In my previous post, I pointed out that Borders is going broke because they’re stuck on the idea of selling paper books through brick and mortar stores.  I wish that all the nice people at Borders weren’t going to lose their jobs, but sadly there is nothing I can do to change that.  The revolution in electronic books is a good thing in spite of the obvious costs.

With either a Nook or Kindle it is possible to buy lots of low priced books in the $2.99 or less range.  In fact their are a lot of 99 cent books available.  We’re ushering in the age where a self published author can sell a book online, and get 30% to 70% of the proceeds.  The electronic revolution is going to eliminate a lot of expenses of the distribution channel.  This is going to be a negative for publishers and employees of physical bookstores.  However it means that book buyers will get more books, and authors will get a larger cut of the proceeds.

For a voracious reader who spends hundreds of dollars a year on books, the electronic book revolution means being able to buy more books,  and being able to carry them around with you everywhere if you want. It may be the first technological innovation in a long time to increase literacy, unlike television and movies which have served to make us less literate.

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