The Needma Family

Here is an article about a typical Canadian family and how much sugar and salt they consume.   While I think the probably eat way too much salt and sugar, I also realize what they eat is their business.

If they were overweight and had high blood pressure, there would be a real reason to say they should eat less sugar or salt.  However, from the photo it looks to me like nobody is seriously overweight, and the article doesn’t mention any other health problems.

I think people should eat whatever they want as long as it doesn’t create a health problem.  If they have a health problem, and changing their diet can make the problem go away, then they should change their diet.  I’m not saying we should make them, I’m saying it’s what they should do.

I don’t go around telling fat people to eat less, or telling drunks to drink less by any means.  I don’t even go around telling smokers to stop smoking.  When I chose my career, I’m very glad I didn’t go into medicine.  Because I would have a very strong urge to suggest to my obese patients that they should eat healthier, my patients who smoked tobacco that they should stop and to tell my patients who drink more than moderately that they should cut back.  Not because I want to butt into their lives, but because it would be my job to tell them how to keep healthy even though I don’t want to butt into their lives.

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