The Stimulus – Why?

I live outside of Indianapolis, Indiana.  I have a group of friends who grew up with me in Indianapolis.  Eventually we all moved from our parents homes to places outside the I-465 Loop but still in Marion County.  Eventually we all moved outside of Marion County.
The biggest use of stimulus funds for Marion County infrastructure seems to be working on the I-465 loop.  Which my friends and I all use regularly to drive around Indianapolis to meet each other without ever stopping in Indianapolis.  I still have friends and family in Indianapolis, but sadly most who could afford to leave already have.

My wife and I are going out for Valentines Day in Indianapolis.  There are lots of nice places in the suburbs that I like to eat, but there are a few very special places I like to eat in Downtown Indianapolis.

So I think all those stimulus funds are really wasted, because expanding I-465 will just make it easier to drive around Indianapolis without ever stopping in Indianapolis proper.

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