Thank You Mr. President

Dear President Obama,

I’ve been sadly disappointed by the quality of the Republican Presidential Candidates until now. Your words of July 13, 2012 have brought home to me the fact that not only are all the Republican Candidates, even Ron Paul is more qualified to be President than you are. The only Republican I can think of who is less qualified than you are to be President is Henry Kissenger. His sole disqualification is that he is German by birth, and not a natural born citizen.

I’ll be donating to Governor Romney’s campaign. I have never volunteered for a political campaign before, and I may well go so far as to volunteer this time. I do hope you enjoy your retirement starting January 21, 2013. I hope it frees up some time so you can work on your golf game.

For a number of years, I worked for a small business that had at most three employees. Sadly that business ceased to exist when my boss passed away. Let me assure you that my boss did more than everyone else combined to build that business. Yes, his contribution was far more important than mine, although I don’t think he was ever rewarded by the business in a fashion proportionate to his contribution. He took the risk, and could have wound up in bankruptcy court. At worst I would have wound up standing in the unemployment line with my life’s savings intact. I’m just glad I didn’t wind up running the company after his untimely death.


A Classical Liberal Who Voted For Senator McCain

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