An Open Letter

Dear Public Employees,

I’m sorry to hear that you’re expected to contribute more to your health insurance and retirement, because you’ve negotiated such a good deal for yourselves that you’re driving your employer broke.   I’m also sorry to hear that having been driven broke by you, that your employer can’t give you the pay raise that you’ve come to expect.

I work for a private company.  We actually have to convince people to give us money in exchange for products and services.  I actually had a good year last year, as I got a modest pay raise for the first time in years.   I’d love to help you with your problems, but you see, I have to pay for 100% of my retirement.  I’ve also had to pay much higher utility bills than usual, because an unemployed friend has been staying with us instead of living on the street.

But don’t worry about me, I’m doing fine.  If you can bring yourself to think about someone other than yourselves, why don’t you think about the one American in ten who wants to work but can’t find a job?  Or the millions of Americans who have given up looking for work, who can only find part time work, or are otherwise underemployed.

On second thought, you are right to worry solely about yourselves, as I’m about ready to write my elected representatives and suggest we fire all of you and give “your” jobs to all those nice people I mentioned in the previous paragraph.  I’m sure they would be so grateful for the chance to work, that they’d do the job better and for less money.  Also I’m sure that even if we couldn’t afford to give them pay raises next year, they would still be grateful for the chance to work.

By the way, I won’t be filing my taxes until April 15th this year, because I’m going to keep checking my return until then to make sure I don’t pay one cent over the amount I’m legally required to pay.


A Taxpayer

Update:  I should clarify, I don’t live in Wisconsin.  I live in a nearby state.  However we still have public employees who are almost as self-absorbed as those in Wisconsin.  I live just outside a major city where the members of the police union voted to provide a lawyer for a cop who is accused of causing a fatal accident while drunk and on duty.  They have every right to do so, I’m just wondering if they realize how much political capital they are expending to do so.

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