What is the real Islam?

There are two very obviously conflicting accounts in the mainstream media about Islam.  Is it violent or is it peaceful?  We have to tell the truth.  I honestly don’t know.  Now everyone who reads this post and is politically to the left of me is going to say, well you bigot, it is obviously a peaceful religion.  Everyone to the right of me is going to say it is a violent religion and call me a naive fool for asking.  Both groups miss the point.

The point is that Islam is in the midst of an identity crisis, much like the Church went through at the time of the Reformation.  There are Muslim like the late Salman Taseer who are peaceful.  However, there are also violent fanatics who have no problem murdering him in the name of Islam.  Likewise there are Muslims in Egypt who are decent peaceful people who stand up to the violent fanatics.  It is one thing to say you are a peace loving person, and it is quite another to say to a stranger of different beliefs, we are different, but people who claim to believe what I believe want to blow you up, and if they want to blow you up, they are going to have to blow me up too.

I can’t tell you whether the real followers of Islam are peaceful or violent, because they are still deciding it.  The reason for the desperate and despicable acts of 9/11, and the suicide bombers the world over (especially those who blow up other followers of Islam) is that the violent fanatics are afraid they are losing.

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